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We provide windscreen repair or windscreen replacement in Havering, East London. Get an easy quote via Windscreen Compare to carry out side windscreen, rear window replacement or back windscreen replacement. 

Our experienced automotive glass technicians  will repair and replace car and van glass on all car manufacturer makes and models of vehicles in Havering. Our windscreen technicians can come to your home, workplace, garage or even meet you on the side of the road.

Get car window repair near me with the best windscreen replacement technicians at the cheapest prices across Havering.


Same Day Windscreen Service Available in Havering

Our car windscreen technicians will repair windscreen chip repairs and windscreen replacement within an hour of getting to you on the same day or next day if it’s after 12pm. Our network of repairers covers the whole of Havering and East London.

Use our online quote process to get an affordable quote for your car windscreen replacement in Havering today!

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In order to book a windscreen replacement near you, use the link below to head to our free, no obligation quotation tool. It’s quick and easy.


All you need to do is provide us with your vehicle registration number, tell us some information about the extent and area of the damage, and we’ll manage the rest! We’ll provide you with 2 quotations, and you can then book your mobile windscreen replacement hassle free! 

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Windscreen Repair & Replacement in Havering

Getting a small chip on your windscreen should be fixed as soon as it happens, over time that small harmless chip can change into a large crack which will mean you need to have the whole windscreen replaced. Every car on the road is put through a lot of stress due to poor road surfaces, driving at speed and loose stones. These can quickly make a chip turn into a large crack.


If your vehicle has a chipped or damaged windscreen and you are due for an MOT test then it makes sense to get your windscreen replaced before as having a cracked windscreen will cause you to fail your MOT test.


Thankfully repairing a windscreen or any car window is a simple fix for a windscreen technician who should be able to fix the issue in under an hour. 


Windscreen Cover

We can also help you get your windscreen replaced or repaired through your insurance. Just choose your car insurance partner from our list of insurance suppliers and we can get help get your quote and job booked in through your insurance provider with minimal hassle.


Is my windscreen repairable?

Most people are not sure if they need their windscreen replaced or if it they need to repair their windscreen. We have created a guide below to help.


  • Is smaller than 2 inches, if it is any bigger then you will need to get your windscreen replaced
  • Lies at least 3 centimetres away from the edge of the windscreen.
  • The chip is out of the drivers line of sight. If it is in the drivers sigh then it must be no more that 10 millimetres.


Windscreen Replacement

If the chip or crack is too large to be repaired then you will need to get your windscreen replaced. This is a straightforward process for our technicians:


  • The technician will cover the areas surrounding the windscreen which protects the paintwork and exterior from scratches.
  • They will remove the adhesive sealant that holds the windscreen into the frame by cutting it out.
  • The framework that surrounds the windscreen will be primed and left to dry. The new windscreen will be fitted once the frame has dried and permanently bonded to the vehicle frame.
  • You need to wait at least one hour to drive your car after the windscreen or car window has been fitted to ensure that they new windscreen has completely bonded with the frame.


Stone Chip Repair

If your windscreen has been damaged by a stone or another loose object on the road then our technicians will repair the crack across the Havering area.


What to do if my windscreen is completely cracked or smashed?

If your windscreen is severely damaged then you need to deal with the problem straight away. 

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