Side Car Window Replacement

Front & Back Side Window Replacement

If you need to replace a broken side window then it generally means that your car has been targeted by thieves. Unlike a windscreen, if a side window is damaged then it will need to be replaced in most cases.


Auto car glass  replacement cost can be determined by three factors: the reference, the make and model of your car and your insurance excess as detailed in your policy. Replacement normally won’t affect your no claims bonus.


You can get all types of glass replaced from your front door glass to the back door window you can get a mobile window replacement service within 24 hours or at a time that best suits you.


Smashed Side Windows

There is never a good time to find out your side window has been smashed, especially when money is tight. Fortunately, most insurance companies will cover your vehicle if your car has been broken into. 


On average it takes an auto glass technician about 45 minutes to replace a front or back side window, getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. 


How to replace a broken side window?

  1. You meet the glass technician who will inspect the damage
  2. They will remove as much shattered glass from the vehicle as possible, cleaning behind the interior door panel after the window has been removed
  3. The new side window is fitted and the technician will make sure you can open and shut the window correctly

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