The Cost of Replacing a Windscreen

The price of a windscreen replacement varies quite significantly based on several factors. The primary factors are the make, model, and age of your vehicle which will determine the type of glass that is required. Other factors that will impact the cost are the garage and mechanic that you choose, for example car dealerships are nearly always more expensive than independent garages. 

To give you an estimate a basic starting price would start at £150 and can go higher depending on the cost of the part and the vehicle value. You also need to consider the specifications of your windscreen. All newer car models are fitted with lots of additional features such as rain sensors, cameras, heads up displays, heated and with an aerial.  


Other potential costs for replacing your windscreen

All of the above factors can affect the cost of getting a new windscreen. The other major factors are based on the make of the car. If you have a popular car then more likely the cost will be cheaper compared to an expensive car that is quite rare. In this instance the glass manufacturer may have to order the glass which may make the cost of the windscreen more expensive.  Still not sure if you have all or none of the above? Don’t worry, Windscreen Compare is here to help. 


What is a Rain sensor?  

A rain sensor detects all forms of precipitation when it hits the windscreen and automatically switches on the wipers at a speed that is best suited, whether it detects a light drizzle or a heavy shower. 


Where can I find a rain sensor? 

You can first check by seeing if your wipers automatically turn on when it rains. You can also check from outside the vehicle. Look at where the rear view mirror is mounted to the windscreen and check for a pad (could be rectangular or round) stuck to the glass. This is your rain sensor.  


Does your Windscreen have a Camera?

A windscreen camera is used for two reasons – A lane departure warning signal and city smart breaking. 


What is a lane Departure warning system?

In the simplest terms the lane departure system alerts the driver when you are about to serve or veer out of your lane and sends a warning to alert the driver. 

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What is City Smart breaking?

City smart breaking uses the camera to monitor road markings and possible danger which in turn is then able to warn the driver. If the driver does not respond in due time the system automatically applies the brakes.


How can I find the camera? 

The camera is usually fitted in front of the rear windscreen mirror. 


What is a heated windscreen? 

A Heated windscreen is glass that is integrated with very thin wires that have the ability to heat up to high temperatures that can melt ice in seconds. Heated windscreens  can be installed in both front and rear windscreens.


How do I know if my windscreen has heated technology? 

Check at the bottom of your windscreen for tiny wires running through the glass similar to a wave pattern. These may not be visible in the front windscreen, in that case check your dashboard for the button with a heated symbol. Consult your vehicles manual if needed.


What is a heads up display?

A heads up display projects important information that is normally found on the dashboard, directly into the drivers eyeliner on the windscreen. For example, speed, weather, cruise control, speed limit and so on. This feature is largely viewed as a safety feature as it prevents the driver from having to look down to view the dashboard.

Where can I find the Heads up Display (HUD)? 

Look for a rectangular shape at the end of the windscreen above the dashboard. This is normally where the image is projected from. 


What is an aerial / antenna?

An aerial or antenna on your windscreen is used for radio reception. It normally looks like a small rectangular box with an antenna sticking out of one of the sides.

Yes that means there are many factors to consider when choosing your windscreen but don’t worry because at Windscreen Compare we do all the hard work for you. Simply enter your requirements and at one click you can have an instant quote to suit your needs. 


Can I pay with insurance? 

The simple answer is yes, but first you must check with your insurance company that windscreen repair and replacement is included in your policy. However do note that insurance companies often have their own authorised companies that you will have to use in order to claim via insurance. Before committing to paying through insurance do check if it will affect your no claims bonus, as sometimes if may end up being cheaper in the long run to simply pay for your windscreen independently. 

The windscreen technician will accept both cash and card on job completion. 

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Windscreen Insurance Details

We can help speed up your insurance claim by providing you a quote in four simple steps. Just book a windscreen replacement online and we can help take care of the insurance claim for you.

Making an insurance claim does not reduce your no claims bonus. We are able to collect payment up front or you can pay a technician directly. Then all you need to do is wait for your money to be reimbursed by the insurance company.

If your insurance policy doesn’t cover your vehicle for windscreen damage or replacement then there is no need to worry. Get a quote today and choose the best auto glass replacement service near you!

We can replace thousands of different auto windscreens and we will help to replace any make of car or van. If you want the best service, cheapest price and most efficient windscreen replacement replacement then Windscreen Compare is here to help.

How the Windscreen Replacement Process Works!

  1. A glass technician arrives at your location
  2. They thoroughly inspect the vehicle for existing damage
  3. The front seats are covered and the vehicle paintwork outside the vehicle is masked off to prevent any damage to your vehicle
  4. The glass technician uses a special tool to remove the seals of glue holding the front car windscreen in place
  5. A primer is applied to the vehicles framework and the new windscreen glass is fitted matching the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) standards.
  6. The primer is then allowed to dry and any original fittings will be replaced along with the windscreen wipers.

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